To My Dear, My Love


I’ve never met you.

But maybe I have in passing on the street. In all my favorite stores—the coffee shops, bookstores, on the Nashville streets, or outings in the park.

I’m thinking about you wherever you are.

I’m thanking God for this sweet beautiful place I am in my singleness. I’m working, serving, and soaking up time with my friends. But I miss you too—in the busy and the slow times. I miss you when I’m happy and when I’m sad. When I’m hiking those mountains on the AT on my own.

I imagine you up there overlooking that mountain with me. I imagine us building our lives together. I imagine our devotion, our passion to serve our glorious, true hold God. I imagine us building a family together.

I love you Mr. Someone.

I’m waiting patiently for you. I’m praying God will be your source of strength, hope, and love. I pray he will guide you in the way that is right.

We’ll be together someday. But until then, I’ll keep waiting. I’ll praise God for my blessings I have with me now. He always listens and answers. He is kind and good.




Some days are harder without you.

I have my God. I have my family. But I am a selfish human being. I miss you near to me.

God has glorious made plans I didn’t know were possible 6 months ago. 3 months ago. Even 3 weeks ago. He continues to amaze me—by his deeds, his creation, and his grace.

He fills me up beyond measure. No other one could satisfy.

I can’t wait until we get to share in this joy together. When we are dumbfounded by the plans of God without our knowing.

We are finite beings trying to control our destinies. But the plans of God are carefully knit. Beautifully crafted. A wonder to behold. A treasure that has been found. He makes it know to us.


That’s the craft I been practicing though far from ever mastering. I want to be all in. I want to believe what he says is the whole, perfect Truth that existed before the beginning.

He will call us together in his time. I’ll be here. I’ll be preparing to become your bride. I love you Dear Mr. Someone. I delight in the plans God has for us.

All my love,




I’ve been anxiously waiting for you to walk into my life. I’ve been looking around and seeing what everyone seems to have that I am missing. The things I want so badly sometimes. The things I think I want.

I’ve been searching instead of experiencing the satisfaction only God can give.

My mind is years down the road. It feels like I’m racing ahead trying to catch up with the crowd. I haven’t stopped recently to thank God for the place I am now. I haven’t treasured this moment. This week. This day as though it was my last.

I know you’ll show up My Love. I know when God knows we are ready, we will experience life together. We won’t be able to experience the goodness our love produces apart from Him.

We must deny ourselves on a daily basis. We must prepare our hearts and minds for the future ahead by being the friend, coworker, son, daughter, brother, sister, or neighbor to those we encounter.

We must be genuine and filled by grace.

I’m so thrilled to meet you. I’m overjoyed for the plans God has for each of us.

I love you Mr. Someone.



One thought on “To My Dear, My Love

  1. I love the article, “Heart Shift.” You are thanking God for this sweet, beautiful place that you are in called singleness. I believe that is a key to contentment being satisfied with where you are right now. So many people, including myself sometimes, get caught up in looking in the past too much or imagining what the future will hold that they forget to live in the present. Your article is full of hope and tranquility and gives God the lead in the course of your life.

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